Show Policies

Vendor badges MUST be worn and are not transferable. Exhibitors with (1) table will be issued (2) badges.  Exhibitors with more than one table will be issued a maximum of (4) badges.  Badges are for exhibitors and full time helpers only.


The sale of literature on the manufacture of unlawful explosive devises, silencers, full automatic firearms, booby-traps, and/or illegal terrorist tactics, etc. is prohibited. All anti-Semitic, subversive, racist and hate literature are prohibited, as is any items not in the best interest of the shows, as in the show manager’s opinion.

Self defense spray MUST be in sealed packages or not accessible to the public


Laser and stun devices MUST have battery removed or not readily available to the public.


Do not move tables. No items that protrude or extend into the aisle or breaks. No banners, racks, or walls that may obstruct overall vision throughout the show, No tape, staples or nails to be used on the walls or curtains


All electrical cords and extender boards MUST comply with local fire ordinances; the Fire Marshall will make inspections before opening of the show.

Contents of all tables must be firearms, knife, or sportsman related, or approved by show management.


Tables revert back to Collectors West when vacated, no subletting of tables.


No alcoholic beverages, no candy or food sales, animals or pets, unless approved by the show management. No pornographic materials allowed. No food items are to be sold for under $3.00 if approved.


No radios or TVs allowed without permission of show management.


Thank you for participating in the Northwest’s BEST Gun & Knife Shows for over 25 years.


Marla Baumann

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